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Safety And Compliance

Safety And Compliance

The Department of Transportation compiles a checklist that all trucking companies must conform to. This includes items such as ensuring the driver carries certain documents in the truck with them, completes the right inspections and physicals, records hours of service, marks DOT numbers on the trucks and much more.

DOT safety standards help keep drivers and their cargo safe. While crucial to your business operations, we understand how easily your Department of Transportation compliance can slip through the cracks. But whether you’re a trucking contractor or the owner or manager of a trucking fleet, you must ensure your fleet stays within the US DOT compliance standards to avoid being put out of commission.

Why DOT Compliance and Safety Matters

Complying with DOT standards means operating safer trucks and following laws set by your state’s Department of Transportation. DOT compliance standards are constantly evolving and even differ by state. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date with these regulations and standards, and further, know which standards apply to your fleet. One way of staying up to date would be performing safety audits on your vehicles. Violating DOT standards can cost trucking companies more than just a great amount of money if found to be in violation. It could cost you drivers, customers or even your business as a whole.

The Benefits of DOT Safety Compliance Services
• Prevent Costly Errors
• More Time for your Business
• Avoid Penalties
• Stay up to Date